Moving Services

Moving Services

Ciceros' Moving and Storage can move ANYTHING, ANYWHERE! If it is moving down the street to that house with a bigger yard, or a corporate move across the Rocky Mountains, or even a military deployment that calls for the unique understanding of international shipping protocols – we are the company that can take care of all of the details of packing, transporting, and delivering your belongings.
Here is a brief outline of how we define our moving services and their rates:
  1. Local Moving – For destinations within 50 miles, Ciceros’ makes local moving simple with straight-forward hourly rates and free recyclable cartons. Approved military relocation. 
  2. Intrastate Moving For destinations within Georgia beyond 50 miles, Ciceros’ offers a flat fee based on your move’s weight and distance after the first 50 mile’s hourly rate. 
  3. Interstate Moving Cicercos’ state-to-state moves offer a simple flat rate based on weight and distance for the entire move. 
  4. International Moving – Ciceros’ does it all – including international moves. Prices are based on weight and density. Prices vary by destination.

Residential Moves

Intrastate, Interstate and International Residential Moving Excellence in Macon, GA

Whether you’re moving two blocks, coast to coast or clear across the ocean to another country, Ciceros’ Moving and Storage has you covered with the highest quality, most comprehensive moving services available. Our fully licensed and accredited moving professionals are capable of handling the largest and most tedious moves with ease.

Our record of handling all facets of your moving process with poise and expertise is well established, and our reputation is unblemished by poor service, improper transit or price gouging. We get your items “from A to B” without hassle or inefficiency, it’s as simple as that!

Corporate Moves

Complete Corporate Relocation Services with the Expertise You Need in Macon, Georgia!

Moving is a stressful time for business owners, and you’re understandably concerned not just about the safety of your assets in transit but also how a move will affect your operations. Our movers will work around your schedule, whether after hours or on weekends, to minimize any downtime your business experiences as a result of your move.

Military Moves

We're Military Moving Experts

Ciceros' Moving and Storage is well-versed and highly capable of meeting the strict standards required for military moving. We’re knowledgeable in federal travel regulations, employee entitlements and proper protocols regarding military moves, and always go above and beyond our job requirements in order to prove our worth and earn your referral. 

Providing reliable moving and storage services for our men and women in uniform is a task we’re happy to perform and a duty we take seriously. No matter what the circumstances of your relocation are, we will work within your budget and time frame and get you where you need to go.
  • Use cartons of adequate size and strength.
  • When packing fragile items, always cushion the bottom of the carton and between layers. 
  • Wrap fragile items individually.
  • Use a heavier marking pen in the lower part of the carton and lighter items in the upper levels. 
  • Be generous with newsprint cushioning; it absorbs shock. 
  • Make sure all items are firmly packed in each carton. Loose items may move during transit and cause damage. 
  • Do not overfill cartons. Make sure the tops close easily without bulging. 
  • Double tape and use PVC or strapping tape to keep cartons from bursting during transit.
  • Use a heavy marking pen to label your cartons. 
  • Mark the tops and sides of all cartons. 
  • Mark the room each carton should be placed in when it arrives (kitchen, master bedroom, etc.). 
  • Mark fragile items FRAGILE. 
  • For items you will need immediately after you arrive at your new home, mark LOAD LAST, UNLOAD FIRST. 
  • When appropriate, mark the carton THIS END UP. 
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